The Harvest Handshake: Bridging the Worlds of Cider and Wine

In the heart of the Lincoln Heights neighborhood in East Los Angeles, a remarkable establishment has been making waves in the world of craft beverages. Benny Boy Brewing & Cider House, an ambitious venture that marries the worlds of beer and cider, has been on a journey of innovation and persistence. This unique establishment, which produces both beer and cider on the same property, has not only challenged traditional perceptions but also navigated the complexities of alcohol permitting regulations to bring handcrafted libations to the east side of Los Angeles and beyond.

A Bold Vision Takes Shape

Around 18 months ago, Benny Boy Brewing & Cider House opened its doors, driven by a vision to create exceptional craft beverages that push the boundaries of taste and tradition. The decision to produce both beer and cider under one roof was an ambitious one, as it defied conventional categorizations and posed a conceptual challenge to permitting administrators.

Navigating the Permitting Maze

One of the most significant hurdles in establishing Benny Boy Brewing & Cider House was navigating the intricate web of alcohol permitting regulations. These regulations, rooted in post-Prohibition laws, often prioritize categorization over innovation. Chelsey Rosetter and Benny Farber, the minds behind this endeavor, faced a formidable task in convincing permitting administrators of the value and uniqueness of their concept.

Persistence Leads to Triumph

The journey to obtain the necessary permits was far from straightforward. However, the founders of Benny Boy Brewing & Cider House were driven by a passion for their craft and a commitment to their vision. With unwavering persistence and a determination to challenge the status quo, they pushed the right buttons and overcame the bureaucratic obstacles in their path.

The Harvest Handshake: Bringing Beer and Cider Together

Benny Boy Brewing & Cider House is a testament to the power of innovation and persistence. It represents the “Harvest Handshake” between the worlds of beer and cider, an alliance that has resulted in a unique and exciting range of libations. Here, whole flower hops are meticulously brewed to craft exceptional beers, while apples are transformed into exquisite ciders, all under one roof.

A Destination for Craft Beverage Enthusiasts

Beyond the challenges of permitting, Benny Boy Brewing & Cider House has rapidly become a beloved destination for craft beverage enthusiasts. It offers a diverse range of flavors, from hop-forward ales to crisp and refreshing ciders. The commitment to quality and creativity is evident in every sip, making it a must-visit establishment for those seeking an exceptional drinking experience on the east side of Los Angeles.

Conclusion: Crafting the Future of Beverages

Benny Boy Brewing & Cider House represents not only a successful fusion of beer and cider but also a triumph of perseverance and passion. It stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation in an industry steeped in tradition. The “Harvest Handshake” between beer and cider at Benny Boy Brewing & Cider House serves as an inspiration for those who dare to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of craft beverage production.

As this unique establishment continues to flourish, it reminds us that when creativity and determination join forces, they can overcome even the most formidable obstacles. Benny Boy Brewing & Cider House is not just a place to enjoy exceptional libations; it’s a symbol of what can be achieved when vision meets tenacity in the world of craft beverages.

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