About Us

Who We Are

Forbes City is an esteemed partner of Forbes, globally acclaimed for being a trustworthy media brand. We materialize the confluence of luxury, lifestyle, and real estate, manifesting the epitome of elegance and extravagance. Incepted in 2020, we have emerged as an elite consortium, enveloping a multitude of leading real estate firms that represent some of the most magnificent and coveted homes worldwide.

Our membership encapsulates a distinct exclusivity, reserved solely for the most eminent brokerages, originating from selected global metropolises and desired second-home destinations. In the landscape of luxury real estate, Forbes City stands as a unique endeavor – a testament to the collaborative initiative of a select group of industry veterans and visionaries. The Forbes ownership stake in Forbes City is a testament to their firm belief in our potential and our commitment to achieving unparalleled success.

What We Do

Harnessing the global recognition and substantial digital audience base of Forbes, extending to over 140 million individuals, Forbes City serves as a bridge. We connect perceptive buyers, sellers, and aficionados of the real estate world with our meticulously curated collection of prestigious properties and the industry experts who represent them.

Our focus is undeniably affixed on the luxury segment of real estate, exclusively spotlighting properties valued at US $2 million and above. We offer a comprehensive marketing platform, empowering agents with the necessary tools and insights to captivate, inform, and influence a rapidly expanding international audience of luxury real estate buyers and sellers.

Our approach is unique. Each property is presented within a wider context of timely market data, and high-quality editorial content. This approach ensures that potential buyers and investors are equipped with the most recent and relevant information, empowering them to make informed, confident decisions.

In addition to our commitment to the world of real estate, Forbes City is also a purveyor of the finer aspects of lifestyle. Through an array of tailored content, we provide our audience with a window into the world of luxury living. From fine dining and travel to fashion and automotive, we deliver a holistic representation of the refined lifestyle that accompanies the ownership of luxury properties.

At Forbes City, we believe that the essence of luxury goes beyond mere possession. It is about experiencing the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication. We take pride in being the conduit that connects the world to the epitome of luxury. Whether it is presenting a portfolio of grandiose properties or inspiring through curated lifestyle content, we remain dedicated to promoting and celebrating the very best of the luxury world.