A Citrus Symphony: Bonhams Auctions Eight Bespoke 2010 Aston-Martins in Dazzling Orange


In a rare and vibrant spectacle, Bonhams is set to auction eight stunning 2010 Aston-Martins, all cloaked in a bespoke shade of citrus orange. These meticulously maintained vehicles, practically brand-new, promise not only exhilarating drives but also an unparalleled touch of exclusivity, with each boasting a mere 70 to 235 miles on the odometer.

The Genesis of the Citrus Fleet:

This unique collection of Swiss-spec Aston-Martins in a bespoke orange hue stems from a visionary request made by a private party to the automaker. Eager to embrace this distinctive vision, Aston-Martin committed to commissioning special examples of their entire 2010 lineup, ensuring that both the exteriors and interiors would exude the brilliance of this bespoke citrus shade.

A Symphony in Citrus: Exterior and Interior Harmony:

What sets these eight vehicles apart is the meticulous attention to detail. Unlike mere paint jobs, the interiors of these bespoke beauties have been dyed to match the vibrant citrus tone. This seamless fusion of exterior and interior design creates a captivating visual harmony, making each Aston-Martin a unique work of art on wheels.

The Singular Orange: A One-Off Marvel:

Among this spectacular collection, one Aston-Martin stands out as an absolute one-off. This unique vehicle promises not only a distinctive driving experience but also a truly unparalleled ownership experience, with no other car in the world boasting the same captivating blend of style and performance.

The Future for Collectors and Enthusiasts:

As these extraordinary Aston-Martins find their way to the auction block, collectors and enthusiasts alike are presented with a rare opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. The impeccable condition and bespoke design of each vehicle make them not just cars, but automotive masterpieces, sure to turn heads and inspire admiration wherever they go.


The forthcoming Bonhams auction promises a celebration of automotive artistry and individuality, with eight bespoke 2010 Aston-Martins drenched in a radiant citrus hue. From the meticulously dyed interiors to the impeccable condition, these vehicles embody the pinnacle of bespoke automotive craftsmanship. For discerning collectors and enthusiasts, this auction represents a golden opportunity to acquire a truly one-of-a-kind automotive treasure.

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