The Crab Conundrum: Tourist’s Dining Experience Sparks Heated Dispute


Dining out is often an adventure, a delightful journey of flavors and experiences. However, for one tourist in Singapore, a seemingly innocent order turned into a contentious bill, resulting in an unexpected call to the authorities. This article delves into the peculiar case of Junko Shinba, whose encounter with a crab dish left her with a hefty tab and a desire for resolution.

The Culinary Expedition:

Junko Shinba, a visitor to Singapore, embarked on a culinary adventure at the renowned Seafood Paradise. Entrusted to the guidance of her waiter, Shinba chose the Chili Crab, a local delicacy and the restaurant’s prized signature dish. Unbeknownst to her, this choice would lead to a culinary escapade with an unforeseen financial twist.

The Price Per Gram Predicament:

What initially appeared as a straightforward order soon unfolded into a financial enigma. Shinba, relying on her waiter’s recommendation, opted for the signature Chili Crab. However, she misunderstood a critical detail: the dish was priced at $20 per 100 grams. This particular version featured Alaskan King Crab, a premium crustacean that significantly differed in cost from the restaurant’s usual mud crab offering.

Misunderstanding or Oversight?

Shinba maintains that the high price was not adequately communicated during the ordering process. The restaurant, Seafood Paradise, owned by the Paradise Group, offers a seasonal menu that includes the Alaskan King Crab variant. The group clarified that staff members presented the entire crab to the table before preparation to ensure transparency regarding the dish’s cost. Paradise Group emphasized their commitment to clear pricing and top-tier customer service.

Seeking Common Ground:

This incident underscores the importance of effective communication between diners and restaurant staff, especially for specialty or seasonal menu items with varying price points. Transparent menu descriptions and open dialogue play a pivotal role in averting such misunderstandings.


Dining experiences encompass not only savoring flavors but also embody clear communication and mutual understanding. Junko Shinba’s encounter at Seafood Paradise serves as a reminder of the significance of transparent menu descriptions, especially for specialty dishes. In the realm of culinary exploration, a shared commitment to clear communication ensures that every diner’s experience is as delightful as the flavors on their plate.

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