Marea at Sea: A Unique Culinary Voyage on the Hudson River


Marea, the beloved Midtown Manhattan restaurant renowned for its Italian-inspired coastal cuisine, is embarking on a captivating culinary adventure that’s setting sail on the Hudson River. As the restaurant temporarily closes its doors for renovations, it has collaborated with Classic Harbor Line to introduce “Marea at Sea.” This innovative concept offers patrons the chance to savor their favorite dishes while cruising the picturesque waters around downtown Manhattan, creating an unforgettable fusion of exquisite dining and breathtaking views.

Setting Sail for Culinary Excellence

In a delightful twist on traditional dining experiences, Marea at Sea has taken to the water, offering a unique opportunity for food enthusiasts to indulge in an unforgettable culinary journey. Collaborating with Classic Harbor Line, a renowned operator of elegant schooners and luxury yacht charters, Marea has found a creative way to bring its coastal cuisine to life while its Midtown location undergoes renovations.

A Gastronomic Sail Down the Hudson

Every Monday night until September 25th, Marea at Sea treats guests to a captivating two-hour sunset sail along the Hudson River. The journey commences at Chelsea Pier 62, casting off into the calm waters and unveiling mesmerizing vistas of the iconic New York City skyline. The ever-changing hues of the setting sun provide a breathtaking backdrop as patrons set out on a gastronomic adventure like no other.

Savoring Marea’s Culinary Delights

What truly sets Marea at Sea apart is its fusion of maritime serenity with Marea’s signature dishes. As the schooner gently glides through the Hudson’s waters, guests are treated to a sumptuous selection of Marea’s finest culinary offerings. From their renowned crudo creations to the opulence of caviar, the menu curated for the occasion mirrors the coastal inspirations that have made Marea a standout in Manhattan’s dining scene.

The Schooner of Elegance: America 2.0

This maritime culinary voyage unfolds aboard the America 2.0, Classic Harbor Line’s premier schooner. A masterpiece of nautical elegance, the America 2.0 boasts a length of 105 feet and an impressive sail area of 3,600 square feet. This vessel is the embodiment of sophistication, offering patrons an enchanting setting that perfectly complements the refined flavors of Marea’s cuisine.


Marea at Sea is more than a culinary experience; it’s a celebration of taste, elegance, and the allure of the open water. By partnering with Classic Harbor Line, Marea has transformed its renowned coastal cuisine into a sensory journey that marries exceptional flavors with breathtaking vistas. As the sun sets over the Hudson River and the America 2.0 sails gracefully through its waters, guests are invited to savor the magic of Marea’s cuisine in a setting that truly captures the essence of culinary artistry.

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