“A Journey of Creation: Clare Smyth and Dom Pérignon Craft an Exclusive Culinary Experience”


On the evening of November 14, 2023, a truly exceptional event will unfold as iconic Champagne brand Dom Pérignon collaborates with the illustrious three Michelin-starred chef, Clare Smyth. This exclusive one-night-only dining experience promises to take guests on a captivating journey of creation and reinvention. Through a meticulously curated six-course menu, paired with the finest Dom Pérignon Vintages, the evening pays homage to Clare’s remarkable culinary evolution, celebrating the art of continuous refinement.

Embodying the Concept of Ongoing Creativity:

The heart of this culinary experience lies in the evolution of CORE by Clare Smyth classics. Each dish is a testament to Clare’s unyielding pursuit of perfection and her belief that creativity is an ever-evolving journey. Through this curated selection of dishes, guests will be transported through time, savoring the best of British produce that carries a poignant sense of nostalgia, reflecting Clare’s personal journey and deep connection to nature.

A Culinary Journey Rooted in Emotion:

Clare Smyth’s upbringing on a farm provided her with a profound appreciation for the art of food production. It was in her late twenties that she began to understand the deeply personal connection one can have with food. For Clare, food is not merely sustenance; it is an experience that should evoke emotion, create cherished memories, and radiate warmth, hospitality, and generosity.

The Perfect Pairing: Dom Pérignon Vintages:

To complement Clare’s culinary masterpieces, a carefully selected array of Dom Pérignon Vintages will be served. The harmony between these exceptional Champagnes and Clare’s creations promises to elevate the dining experience to unprecedented heights.


The collaboration between Clare Smyth and Dom Pérignon represents a unique convergence of culinary artistry and the fine craftsmanship of Champagne-making. Through this extraordinary dining experience, guests will embark on a sensory journey that celebrates the ongoing quest for perfection and the enduring bond between nature, creativity, and hospitality. This exclusive event is poised to leave an indelible mark on all who have the privilege of attending, as they partake in a symphony of flavors and emotions expertly orchestrated by two luminaries in their respective fields.

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